Terence Byrnes lives in Montreal, Canada. His published works include  fiction, memoirs, and much writing about fine art photography, as well as his  own photographic work. His most recent book is Closer to Home: The  Author and the Author Portrait (Vehicule Press, 2008), which uses text and photographs to create two distinct kinds of portraiture.


The Crown is an ongoing project in which subjects are asked to design, build, and wear a crown that represents an area over which their have sovereignty and responsibility. Broken City is drawn from Byrnes's documentation--begun in 1966 and ongoing--of a small American city, as it has weathered a decades-long flight of manufacturing and questionable  governance. Fair Game looks at the frequently-unhappy visitors to a carnival that travels throughout the province of Quebec.


Byrnes's portraits and documentary work have been shown in art galleries and libraries in Canada and the United States and they have been published widely.